The Heart of the Brainstorm HD


Inside every Brainstorm Studio system houses state-of-the-art video processing and computing firepower.


The Brainstorm Studio uses an 8 core multi-threaded CPU, Built-in RAID 5 media storage, nVidia supercomputer graphics performance and AJA Kona3G multi-stream video graphics. This horsepower is harnessed and led by the exclusive and revolutionary QtakeHD/3D purpose built software.


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World Class Video Assist Solutions

World Class Video Assist Solutions

Ocean Video equipment on the set of "Furious7"


Fast & Furious 7 was a multinational filmed project, Atlanta, Los Angeles, & Abu Dhabi!


For Furious 7, Ocean Video supplied five separate Brainstorm© Qtake  systems. Do to the nature of the project, Furious7 required multiple systems capable of matching original footage. Many scenes were filmed with special motion-controlled camera equipment and on-set live compositing.


During production, we would overlay the live sequence with a reference sequence film at another time and place. Under certain circumstances, many ultra-rez 4k  cameras recorded the performance of an actor for later inclusion in a scene.


Furious7 was one of the most challenging productions we have been privileged to join.

Ocean Video equipment and crew on the set of "Pirates of the Caribbean"


Pirates of the Caribbean was a multinational filmed project, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico & England. Ocean Video supplied the Brainstorm© Qtake 3D system. Kevin Boyd was the key video assist operator who led the the team through this challenging project. As the project grew in scope, we supplied additional equipment to complement the Caribbean and English portion of the shoot was an exciting project. "Pirates" was one of the first Hollywood feature films to be shot entirely in native 3D.

The Traveling Brainstorm



The Brainstorm Nomad was created for those special situations where location dictates the need for a full featured Video assist solution without compromise.


The Brainstorm Nomad is available in Single and Dual camera versions and gives up very little in performance to the full size studio system.


Remote recording, editing and VFX are possible, anywhere imaginable.


Ocean Video at work on the set of "The Amazing Spiderman" in 3D.


The Amazing Spiderman was an exciting project. This was one of the first feature films to be shot with the revolutionary RED Epic and in shot in native 3D. For video assist, multiple Brainstorm© studio carts were linked together for perfect sync during recording and playback.

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